Services and Fees

Individual counselling

One on one sessions offer a safe intimate space for you to explore and gain a deeper understanding of what you have come for. You may have repeating negative thoughts, stress and/or feel like you're not coping; you may have experienced a loss, a change of life, need some coping techniques or be going through a change in your life. I will create the environment for you to be able to open up and gain some clarity and insight into your situation with no judgement.

Group Counselling

There is something therapeutic about group therapy; coming together people learn and grow as they listen to each others experiences. Not only does group therapy offer a support system, it provides hands on experience with social skills and gives an understanding of building healthy relationships. Groups can be just as effective as individual counselling, in fact some age groups such as teenagers often benefit more from group counselling as they feel more comfortable opening up to peers of similar age. And as an added bonus, group therapy is more cost effective than individual counselling.

My groups run over approximately 6 - 8 weeks at a time (this can be discussed within the group and extended if everyone agrees), and you are requested to attend each session. Confidentiality is expected from each group member. Groups are small with a minimum of four people to run and no more than eight.

You are required to have one individual session prior to joining a group to ascertain which group would suit you best.

Couples Counselling

Whether you are having relationship difficulties or just looking for some fresh ways to maintain your relationship, a safe place is created for you as a couple to explore and work on the things that are important to you.

Zoom session Counselling

I do offer zoom sessions for counselling. This is not as hands on as my other methods such as sandtray therapy, however I have found success in adjusting some of my expressive therapy techniques to be able to work online. Of course the zoom sessions can also be used for the traditional style of "sit and talk" counselling.

Payment options - cash or card accepted

PLEASE NOTE: I do require 50% payment to be made upon booking your appointment. I have had to implement this rule as sometimes people do not show up for their appointment, and I still need to book and pay for room hire.
Cancellations policy: Cancellations that are made before 5pm the day prior to your booking (excludes weekends) will have a full refund. Any cancellation made after this time will incur a 50% fee charge.


1 hour - $130
Concession - $90

90 minutes - $60
Concession - $45

1 hour - $160
Concession - $130

**Groups are only run with a minimum of 4 people.

No charge
I offer a few hours of my time each week to give free counselling to those in financial hardship. As there is usually a wait list for these sessions, I might not be able to get you in straight away, and spots are filled according to need. Please contact me for further enquiries.